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Critically acclaimed DJ Rekha embarks on the next chapter of her career and announces the release of her highly anticipated debut album — DJ Rekha Presents Basement Bhangra — out Fall 2007 on Twisted/KOCH. On her debut, Basement Bhangra, DJ Rekha invites the listener to go with her into a world that merges the traditional Bhangra music of South Asia and the Hip-Hop beats of today, this disc takes you on a journey into the infectious expanding South Asian dance music genre known as Bhangra. The listener will be able to experience some of the music that is heard at DJ Rekha's own internationally known event called Basement Bhangra, the New York dance party – which takes place every first Thursday of the month at Sounds of Brazil (S.O.B.'s) – that DJ Rekha has spearheaded and nurtured for more than ten years now.

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